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Thursday June 04, 2020
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Rules And Policy


As per our General Body meeting, the Executive Board was giving the task to create a formal process for rules and policy changes on an annual basis. I have enclosed a copy of the complete process. All Proposals must be submitted annually by May 1 of each year, and a sponsoring band director must sign the completed proposal form.

All completed proposals will be an agenda item and require a majority vote at our June All-Member Board meeting for adoption. Each member will receive a copy of the proposed change and agenda items on or about May 20. Each voting member / school will be allowed one deciding vote for the proposal.


  1. The formalized Rules/Policy Proposal Form is the only tool of choice for rules change proposals.
  2. Any instructional member or band director of an active band/guard/percussion ensemble (must have competed in a NESBA sanctioned show) the previous fall / winter or an active judge of NESBA may submit a rules proposal for review by the Executive Committee.
  3. The sponsoring band director or judge must sign the completed Proposal Form.
  4. Proposals must be submitted, to the Executive Board annually by May 1 of each year.
  5. Proposals that are adopted which require judging field trials/judging system modifications shall be referred to the Judges/instructors for implementation and trial. These changes are subject to a new vote of adoption upon full evaluation.
  6. Each Voting Member / School, will be allowed to cast one deciding vote for the proposal.


  1. May 1 – Deadline for submitting Rule /Policy Change Proposals. The Rules Committee coordinator  is responsible to receive all proposals, review for completeness (this portion is clerical – are all applicable questions answered, etc.) and prepare for distribution to the Executive Committee members. Incomplete proposals will be immediately returned to the pro-poser without any further review. This "coordinator" would contact the new rule pro-poser for any additional clarifications/information. Coordinator will also seek input from the various members of NESBA.
  2. May 15 – All complete proposals to be mailed out to the Executive Committee members for review.
  3. May 20 – The Executive Committee reviews the proposals for potential impact to the judges/judging system, logistics at shows/ for sponsors, operational changes/NESBA office and a recommended time frame/implementation plan.
  4. Rules proposals may be rejected by the committee on the basis of insufficient data/research or lack of clarity/definition to the proposal. This is to be used as a sanity checkpoint for the proposed rule change.
  5. NOTE: This should be able to be accomplished through a telephone conference call.
  6. May 25 – All reviewed proposals will be confirmed via web or email to membership.
  7. June Board of Directors Meeting – Those proposals receiving a favorable majority vote of the MEMBERSHIP will be scheduled for implementation based upon the recommended time frame.