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Thursday June 04, 2020
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Why WGI / NESBA Winds?
• WGI Sport of the Arts and NESBA exists to provide a venue for young people to achieve the extraordinary through performance and competition.  WGI  / NESBA Winds is natural extension of already existing indoor color guard and percussion ensemble programs that continue to grow at a phenomenal rate each year in the United States, Europe, and Asia.

What about school concert programs?
• WGI / NESBA Winds is offered as optional part of a total music program and should be considered as an extracurricular activity.  Internal surveys of students currently participating in WGI color guard and percussion ensembles show that over 20% play another instrument.  We do not encourage or support WGI Winds / NESBA  to be a substitute for school concert programs.

How will WGI / NESBA Winds be scored?
• Three judges will judge each contest.  The elements to be judged are Music Analysis (30 points), Visual Analysis (30 points), and Overall Effect (40 points).

What classes of competition are offered?
• Scholastic and independent classes of competition will be offered.

What ages are allowed in WGI / NESBA Winds?
• There is no age limit in the independent classes.  Scholastic ensembles must follow WGI  / NESBA Scholastic Eligibility Certification requirements as prescribed in rules.

What instruments are allowed in WGI / NESBA Winds?
• Instruments typically utilized and recognized as part of a band or orchestra are allowed.

Are electronics allowed in WGI / NESBA Winds?
• Yes.  This includes electronic guitars, strings, synthesizers, keyboards, etc.…anything that will enhance your production.

What is the size of the performance space for WGI  / NESBA Winds?
• Competition area measures sixty feet by ninety feet (60’ x 90’).

How long is a WGI / NESBA Winds performance?
• Performances will be scheduled at ten (10) minute intervals and groups must perform a minimum of four (4) minutes with a maximum of seven (7) minutes.

What are the rules for WGI / NESBA Winds?
Click here to view rules for WGI Winds.

Can a WGI / NESBA Winds group have color guard and percussion performers?
• Yes.  Any combination of performers is allowed.

When will WGI / NESBA Winds events take place?
• WGI Winds events will take place within the regular competitive season between February and April of each year.

When will WGI / NESBA Winds event calendar be announced?
• The WGI  / NESBA Winds event calendar will be announced in mid-June along with the color guard and percussion events.

Will WGI / NESBA Winds have a world championship?
• Plans include an inaugural WGI Winds World Championships in conjunction with the WGI Percussion World Championships in Dayton, Ohio, to be held April 16-18, 2015. NESBA Championships will be on the date of our Percussion Championships

What is the cost to participate in WGI / NESBA Winds?
• Cost will be the same as color guards and percussion ensembles in other NESBA events.  For WGI Groups will be required to purchase WGI Membership and entry fees into regional events will be $225 and WGI Winds Championships will be $525 per competing group.

How will WGI / NESBA Winds function in the future?
• As with color guard and percussion ensembles, an advisory board comprised of participating groups will govern the division and oversee artistic and judging policies after the inaugural season.