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Thursday May 28, 2020
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Code of Conduct


 Code of Conduct (Rev. 7/10/12)


Today’s musical organizations are producing performances of outstanding and sometimes extraordinary quality that will be viewed by vast audiences. Many of these performances occur in the competitive arena of concert, jazz, colorguard, ensemble and marching contests, and at times are highly charged and exciting events. Member units should establish a definitive code that clearly outlines the conduct and responsibilities of all participants, including, but not limited to, students, chaperones, staff and directors.

The purpose of this Code is to govern the conduct of all competitive units and their staffs, before, during and after a performance. While involved in a competitive activity, the intent is to teach appropriate conduct and sportsmanship under all circumstances.

The NESBA Code of Conduct is as follows:

The use of overt gestures or other actions to display displeasure with the result of a contest, a member of the executive board or a contest official at any time will not be condoned.

The use of abusive, profane, or obscene language to members of other units, judges, officials, or members of the audience is not acceptable behavior. This includes all actions outside of events as well.  If deemed inappropriate,  see below.

The defacing or destruction of any property, or the physical assault or act of assault to any person(s) is inexcusable.  THE LOCAL POLICE WILL BE NOTIFIED AS WELL AS ALL SCHOOL AND ORGANIZATION OFFICIALS.

The above actions simply will not be tolerated under any circumstances. Violations of the spirit or intent of this Code will be immediately investigated by the Executive Board of NESBA to determine the innocence or guilt of the alleged perpetrator(s) of the act. If a determination of guilt is made, the penalty to be assessed by the Executive Board of NESBA will depend on the severity of the incident ( i.e., loss of the units’ eligibility for future contests or possible expulsion from NESBA).

 The badgering of judges/administrators in a critique or at any time throughout any season, will not be tolerated. In the event of such conduct, the following principles will apply:

First Incident:

-- The staff person will be removed from the critique, show or location of incident.

-- Staff  person will not be represented at the next critique, and a letter of reprimand AND IMMEDIATE COMMUNICATION will be sent/made to the principal/administration and band director/highest authority within the organization.

Second Incident:

-- The entire staff will be removed from the critique, show or location of the incident and restricted from the next event.

-- A letter of reprimand and immediate communication will be sent/made to the principal/administration and band director/highest authority within the organization.

Third Incident:

-- The unit will be suspended from NESBA. Communication will be made with the school administration or units highest level of authority.

If, at any time, the offender is a band/unit Director, s/he will be removed from the critique where the incident occurred, and will be restricted from attending the next critique or meeting.

If the offender is not a band director, s/he will not be allowed to participate or be present at the next contest in which his/her group appears (it is the responsibility of the unit/band director to enforce this penalty).

If the offender is a band director, he/she will be removed from the critique where the incident occurred and will be restricted from the next show in which his/her unit appears. S/he may escort the band to the gate, but may not be present in the stadium or competition area while the band/unit is performing or at any other time during the day; s/he may not contact any judges. A letter of reprimand will also be sent to the Director of Music and the principal.


For purposes of the NESBA Code of Conduct, the term "Color Guard Director" or "Percussion Ensemble Director" may be inserted in place of "Band Director."

For purposes of the NESBA Code of Conduct, the term "Performance Area" may be inserted in place of "Stadium."

All actions that arise from any level of conduct, not within the scope of the educational goals of the organization,  will be brought to the attention of the highest level administrator in any organization.

Appeals process:

If a unit or individual wishes to seek clarification on any findings taken by   NESBA in relation to this Code of Conduct, the party must submit in writing to the Executive Board a request for review including a detailed description of the matters on which review is sought and the facts upon which the determination is challenged.  All such requests must be received by NESBA within 48 hours of the administrative action. After conducting such review and investigation as it deems necessary, NESBA shall issue its determination within 48 hours if possible.    The submission of a request for review will not delay the imposition of any penalty required under the Code of Conduct.  The appeals process will not delay the findings of the executive board if the issue carries past a scheduled event.  It is the intent of this policy, to make sure that all sides of an issue are clearly investigated.